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These websites were created for the European elections in 2009 and are no longer current.


After only moderate success in 2009 Newropeans decided in 2014 not to run again.
I am now trying to realize the ideas of Newropeans and me in the Pirate Party.


Here you will have the possibility to better get to know me as a person, my political viewpoints and the program of the first really European party, the Newropeans.


My political goals

I want to contribute to a lasting reformation of the EU. Contrary to the current situation all EU citizens should be able to determine their own direction independent of lobbies of economical, bureaucratic and nonrepresentational decision makers.

Joint Realisation

For this reason we Newropeans have held dialogues with citizens based on which we have worked out a concept that we would like to implement now. It is now up to you. Show with your vote that you are fed up with the national tug of war in the EU and that you want to take charge of your own concerns within Europe.

For the first time you with our help can speak up for a thorough reformation and advancement of the EU, together with voters of other EU countries.

For a citizens’ Europe.


© 2009 Ralf Pichler