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At the end of 2003 I began to collect ideas and propositions regarding the world-wide advancement of civil society, resulting in a picture of a global civil society based on the balance of an interconnected world.

This study has been published on the website As a result of my political experiences this survey is constantly being optimized and added to.

The image is mainly based on the earth charter, the world ethos, and the principles of the international Forum on Globalization, Attac, but also on many other civil and international organizations.

At the time of the current crisis are the most important and economically necessary measures are:

  • Holistic assessment criteria instead of purely financially oriented regulation of competition in order to protect from monopolization
  • Regulation of the financial markets
  • Preference of local economic cycles
  • Ecological and social influencing of pricing
  • Protection of the basis of existence for all people
  • Democratisation of the economy
  • Freedom of innovation instead of intellectual property
  • Limitations to differences in income and wealth
  • Global taxes to prevent tax evasion

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